Standard Roll-to-Perfect Bind


Specifically designed to respond to the growing need for short- to medium run-length book production, the Smart Binding System combines a Hunkeler unwinder and rotary cutter with Horizon folder, gluing and pressing station, perfect binder, intelligent accumulator and three-knife trimmer to convert pre-printed rolls into finished books in a continuous, fully automated, touch-free process.


  • Flexibility and quality assurance: The Smart Binding System is able to move seamlessly between books of varying format and page count, ensuring absolute quality assurance through end-to-end system control and integrity checking.
  • Improved production speeds: The system can produce up to 2,000 books an hour without manual intervention or added labor costs – a dramatic improvement over current methods.
  • Digital and offset compatibility: The system has multiple possible configurations for processing both conventional offset and digital output in one system
  • Choice of adhesive: The system features interchangeable glue tanks for EVA and PUR adhesives.


Max Roll Diameter 54″
Web Width 11″ to 20.5″
Operation Speed up to 590 fpm
Paper Weights 40 to 180 gsm
Sheet Width 11″ to 20.5″
Book Thickness 1 to 45 mm
Book Block Max 13.77″ x 10.23″
Book Block Min 5.83″ x 4.14″
Signatures 4/6/8/12/16/18 pages


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