Build Your Brand With Specialty Coffee Bag Labels

Each coffee bean is unique in aroma and taste. The region where they’re grown, the harvesting and the roasting process have impacts on its final authentic flavor.

The packaging of your unique roast is the final ingredient in the entire process.

Your coffee labels can help

  1. Educate your consumers about your roast and the right brewing method.

  2. Builds brand recognition and loyalty.

Traditional print methods on generic pouches can limit your interactions with your consumers.  However, VIPColor printer coffee label printers like the VP600 and VP700 can change all these and provide you with even more benefits along the way.



Customize Your Labels

You can now create vibrant color labels and content on-demand. That means custom printed coffee bag labels for each new batch of roast whether it is for a single or hundreds of bags.

With your own coffee label printer, you can run promotions with QR codes.  At the same time drives visitors to your website for more information and create cross-selling opportunities.

More importantly, you can also create mass customized coffee labels commemorating events. And private label coffee roast.

The possibilities are endless with custom labels

Above all, well designed labels can make your specialty coffees stand out from the retail shelves.

In summary, coffee roasters are using digital printing to help

    1. Promote their brand with custom printed coffee bag labels.
    2. Reduce production time, cost and wastage.
    3. Expand market with private label coffee.

VP700 gives us unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. The printer allows us to print custom coffee bag labels in small batches on demand to meet the seasonality of our specialty coffee beans. It really boosts our productivity in a cost effective way. – Atan Chua Dutch Colony Coffee

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