Intec FB8000PRO


Designed in the UK, the new ColorCut FB8000PRO
has evolved by combining innovative technologies with uncompromising design, engineering and construction refinements. FB8000PRO now delivers greater media control and flexibility combined with significantly enhanced productivity.

The FB8000 PRO brings precision, practicality and productivity to automated on-demand digital die cutting.


  • Digital die cutter for on-demand cutting
  • Dual tool head for cutting, creasing, scoring and perforation – with up to 1kg force
  • Auto sheet feeding for high productivity
  • High-capacity stacker accepts up to 25kg(2,000 sheets) of printed media
  • Pneumatic suction media pick up
  • High-speed synchronised feeding
  • Continuous belt cutting table
  • Driven by ColorCut Pro software
  • QR coded Job Library for file retrieval
  • Optical camera for accurate registration
  • Mixed jobs can be loaded and cut
  • Optional ColorCut Pro Server Station


Maximum media area

Auto Sheet Feed

335mm x 500mm

Manual placement

Effective contour cutting area 315mm x 492mm 455mm x 630mm
Stand Included
Media hold-down method 2 zone vacuum Bed (High speed 750W vacuum pump included as standard)
Cutting mat Superior felt cutting underlay (one piece user replaceable) continuous belt
Registration system High speed CCD Camera – Vision3 Registration System using live video feed
Job recognition Advanced QR code technology for instant file recognition and registration
Acoustic features Acoustic cover/housing for vacuum pump, silencer for vacuum pump intake
Media placement Manual with multi-sheet productivity mode
Upgradeable media placement* Optional Auto Sheet Feederfor unattended operation
Output tray Adjustable collection tray
Weight 250kg (including pump)CUTTING CONTROL
Mountable tools Blade holder, creasing tool & pen tool (Head is Dual tool so, any 2 can be fitted simultaneously)
Force / Pressure up to 1kg (960gf) per tool delivered in 4g/step intervals through Intec ColorCut control panel
1x Yellow – 1mm 30° cemented carbide blade – for thin film and very soft material
1x Red – 1mm 45° cemented carbide blade – for adhesive stickers, thin card under 0.25mm
1* x Blue – 1mm 60° cemented carbide blade – for rigid media, (Polyester sheets).
x Red Circlip – Industrial 1.4mm 45° circlip cemented carbide blade – Default blade for cutting card stock and Folding Box board from 0.25 to 0.5mm thick
x Blue – 1.4mm 60° circlip cemented carbide blade – for cutting high-intensity reflective film or magnetic media – suitable for cutting media from 0.5 to 1.2 mm thick (restricted by max limit of flatbed)

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Creasing tool: Dual ended (Wide & Narrow) suitable for 500gsm cardboard, textured & corrugated paper
Pen holder: Pen, plotting pen, also used for calibration sensorCOMPATIBILITY MODE PC & Mac
ColorCut Pro 3 – Plugin (PC) ColorCut Pro3 plug-in (All features available to PC users) . ColorCut Pro can send projects that you have designed in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® directly to your Intec ColorCut Flatbed cutterwith no need to convert them to a different format. (requires: PC – Adobe Illustrator®§ CS1 – CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018 , CC2019, or CorelDRAW®X4 – X8, 2017 – 2019
ColorCut Pro 3 – Plugin (Mac) ColorCut Pro3 Plugin for Mac enables the ColorCut Pro Job Library Client. Mac users use this to add cut marks to their Illustrator files or assign Job numbers and QR codes, then their jobs are sent to theremote ColorCut Pro job library on a PC for Cutting. (Requires: Illustrator CC2018- 2020)
ColorCut Pro 3 – Standalone ColorCut Pro3 – Standalone version/Job Server version of ColorCut Pro is PC only, and enables jobs created by the ColorCut Pro plugin (above) to be cut at any time, without requiring Adobe Illustrator orCorelDRAW, and without having to re-open the original file.
PC Minimum Specification 64-bit, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), Min display resolution : 960×830, For Live Preview PC must have Wi-Fi capability for Direct connection to iVision3 Camera Sensor. (USB Wi-Fi dongle included)


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