Intec CS 5000 Series Printers

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Flagship model for high production environments and features a 5th color station for uvClear or White toner, to supplement CMYK printing. Create security-related print or premium results on colored media.


Using White toner for premium effects on coloured media

Printing White toner onto colored or translucent media adds an undeniable degree of premium quality to any print work.

Especially suitable for wedding materials and corporate print – the CS5000 series is easily deployed without needing to make any hardware or consumable adjustments.

Using White toner means sumptuous luxury stocks of any color can used, with the white toner being applied to great effect! The CMYK toner bay has a fifth station already built in to accommodate your choice of either White or uvClear toner. The Envelope solution is also available as either a CMYK or cMYK +1 variant.

CMYK toners with 5th color White to

UV Clear toner printing

Perfect for security-relatated print items such as ID cards, event tickets and wristbands – or simply simulating traditional spot gloss.

Using uvClear toner to thwart piracy on security-related print

Printing uvClear toner is perfect for security-related print items, such as; identity cards, festival tickets, wristbands and more.

The clear toner looks great in its own capacity, (similar to traditional spot UV gloss), but under the beam of an ultraviolet light source, the clear toner is revealed in all its prominent glory!  ‘Hidden’ details come to the fore, making it very difficult for fraudsters to produce counterfeit copies of items. And apart from anything else, it also looks great too. Intec, adding extra value to print.

The Envelope solution is also available as either a CMYK or cMYK +1 variant.


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