Duplo 600 PRO In-line System

  • High production in-line system
  • Configures Ricoh Pro C9100/9110 with DBM-600 Bookletmaker
  • Slit/Cut/Crease module and PC Controller software


Duplo and Ricoh have partnered to bring the 600PRO In-line Booklet System to the market. Using the Ricoh Peripheral Interface Port (RPIP) together with the Duplo In-line Bridge (DIB-R), the 600PRO In-line Booklet System connects Duplo’s high end DBM-600 Bookletmaker to Ricoh’s PRO C9100/9110 printer – providing a heavy duty solution for high production environments. This in-line solution offers its users a hands-free bookletmaking process that eliminates touchpoints and enables printed documents to be delivered one sheet at a time directly into the bookletmaker without any manual invention required.

The ability of the Ricoh PRO C9110 to print long banner sheets up to 700mm is complemented by the DBM-600’s ability to finish letter landscape (8.5” x 11”) booklets in one pass, a capability only available with this system.

The 600Pro In-line Booklet System offers its users the necessary capabilities to produce professional, full-bleed applications in a single operation. Top features include the Slit/Cut/Crease (SCC) module, ASM-600 Spine Master, DBM-600T Face Trimmer, and the PC Controller software.



  • PC Controller software for easy operation
  • Saddle, side, and corner stitching
  • Letter landscape booklets
  • Hand-feed section via the DIB-R In-line Bridge
  • SCC (Slit/Cut/Crease) module
  • ASM-600 Square Spine module option

Key Applications

Key Applications

  • Corporate Reports
  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • Yearbooks


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